Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Capture Your 365 Day 7

Today's topic was Natural Treasure. This theme would have been fine a few days ago, when the snow and ice was gorgeously coating the trees, but here in Halifax, we have had a ton of rain, then a little more snow over the past couple of days. Outside is a all a gross shade of soggy grey. Bleh. So, I had to seek inspiration inside. In this house, plants are not safe. I always have the best of intentions, but inevitably forget to water them. Amazingly, this little bamboo plant has managed to start a new sprout, despite my neglect.
I'm finding it interesting to stage some of these indoor photos. Playing with different fabrics, and textures for backdrops, and finding good lighting is all new to me, so it is quite an adventure. If you're looking for inspiration to pick up your camera more this year, check out Capture Your 365 to play along.

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