Thursday, January 9, 2014

Capture 365 Day 8 & 9

Yesterday's prompt "Blue" was a bit of a challenge for me. I only have a half hour for lunch most days, so all of my photo taking is limited to before and after work. Right now, that generally means before and after the sun is out. I wanted a great sky pic, but no luck by the time I left the office. Upon arriving home, I found a few possible subjects, but couldn't find good ways to light them. I finally settled on getting a shot of a bunch of different blues in my nail polish collection. I think it turned out OK.
For today's prompt, the big challenge was finding a clean patch of snow. While winter can be gorgeous, when the snow and ice are fresh, it can also be really ugly after a couple of days. Most of the snow and ice are dull and grey now that we've had a few days of rain. Managed to find a nice snow bank outside my apartment on my way home. I'm all bundled up in my wind pants and snow boots. I don't care how silly they look, at least I am warm when I have an extended wait for the bus.

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