Friday, January 10, 2014

Capture 365 Day 10

Today's prompt was "A Doorway", so I got to take a shot of our still festively decorated door.
I am loving this challenge, and am so proud that I have made it 10 straight days. I'm a third of the way to the 30 day mark, and apparently 30 days makes a habit. I am so focused on getting there. Want to try it out yourself? Head over to Capture Your 365 for the prompts.

 I am also 30 days in to my 5-year diary, the second big project I took on this year. I used to journal a lot, and really enjoyed it. I drifted away from it however when I sometimes felt like I had nothing to say. My 5 year journal is based on answering a question a day in a sentence or two, and then answering the same question on the same day for the next few years. I found my prompts through Get It Scrapped, and am finding them incredibly helpful. I actually look forward to answering my question each day. If you're interested in trying it yourself, the questions for January and February can be found here.

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